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Training all breeds of horses in classical dressage is the best method for finding a happy and willing equine friend.   To be your best in trail riding and showing, it all starts with a good understanding of the classical movements. Getting your horse supple and looking out for his long term health will open many doors for success on the trail or the rail. Finding a good rider/ horse relationship does start with good forward movement. This relationship over time is forged out of respect and trust. 
Within the next few years you will see a shift in the gaited industry that reveals trails, horses, endurance horse and show horses all having a classical dressage background. This old time tested training approach will help to produce the best of the best. 
 Finding balance and consistency using classical principles will always be the keys to success for the horse and rider relationship.  
Dressage is not complicated it nothing more than a commonsense approach to training the horse and rider. Keep in mind if not done properly dressage movements can be very harmful to your horse. There are some fundamental differences and must be taken into account with gaited horses to find balance.

In the early 1990 it was very lonely place in the gaited world using classical dressage principles. Early on in my career using the time proven principles I did see and still see a tremendous improvement with all my trail and rail horses. You can achieve this same development with your horses with study and (TIS) time in the saddle. 
  In 1990 some of my first classical dressage clinics I attended at the Horse Park in Lexington, KY with my gaited horses were different to say the least. I was the only gaited horse student present at these early clinics.  All the other students in attendance were trotting around looking for a classical seat, wanting a smooth horse. When requested I let them ride my gaited horses. It was amazing to see their faces light up with joy when they rode a balanced gaited horse for the first time. 
IF you are interest in a better dressage score, trail horse, or show horse; understanding classical dressage will help you accomplish your goals.  
For the light shod professional trainer in today’s market it a must to understand classical movements to get a better sound show horse. You can put your own spin on training and call it rail dressage. Bottom line you will get a much better show horse.  
Group and private lessons are available to reach your training levels. Together let’s find the magic in our seat- leg- hands. Why? Because classical movements will help you discover a calm responsive willing horse and will unlock the joy of riding.