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. Vision Statement

The vision for Windswept Stables is to be the world’s best trail and show horse training experience. Being the best means providing outstanding teaching, quality trail riding horses, and value.  We hope every owner on the trail or rail enjoys the Windswept Stables experience. Quality teaching focusing on helping one owner at a time to enjoy the complete connection and journey is our goal. We also desire to foster a positive public image for the advancement and training the gaited horse breeds.

 Mission statement 
Windswept Stables is to provide the highest quality services at the lowest possible price, bringing you the best possible equine service.  We strive to answer all questions and concerns with conviction  and principles to help our students quickly solve all equine related problems quickly.


Our purpose is to satisfy our students by giving them good sound horsemanship principles.  For this reason all riders can promote the gaited horse in America. 

The student is not an interruption of our day but is our purpose!  Let’s do something together to find the magic in our gaited horses.